How To Manually Light Pilot Light On Gas Fireplace 2021. Push in the pilot knob, which will then manually send gas into the system. Locate the gas control dial.

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Turn the knob from the “off” to the “pilot” position. Traditionally, gas fireplaces have been manufactured with a standing pilot light that ignites the flames without the use of external electricity. Turn on the supply line to the gas fireplace.turn the gas control to pilot and hold it in while you light the flame with a match or a lighter.turn the gas control until the “pilot” setting aligns with the mark on the outer rim of the control.

Switch The Pilot Switch To.

Based on the average cost of natural gas, this comes out to about $7 to $10 per month. It should usually run parallel to the gas line when it is on. To light gas logs safely, turn the control handle to the pilot position, press it in, light the pilot with a match and hold down the handle for half a minute until the pilots are burning on their own.

Depending On How Long It’s Been Since The Gas Fireplace Was Last Used, Ignition May Take Multiple Attempts.

If you don’t see a button, you must light the flame manually. It has a “standing pilot ignition”. A gas fireplace pilot light, which can also be referred to as just the pilot in a gas fireplace, is an important part of gas fireplace design and essential for helping gas fireplace flames to start quickly and efficiently.

Push The Igniter Button Once Every Second Until It Lights.

It should usually run parallel to the gas line when it is on. The pilot knob should have the options “off,” “pilot” and, in some models, “on.” here’s how to light a gas fireplace with a control panel. Push in knob (this releases the gas to the pilot area only).

Once The Pilot Is Lit, Hold The Button Down For About 20 Seconds Until The Thermocouple Has Time To Heat Up.

The manual says to turn the pilot knob (once the pilot is lit) to on to light the main burner. Strike up your match or lighter. This will ensure your pilot light stays lit.

The Pilot Lights, But Not Staying Lit,.

If the log set has a switch on it, place it in the off position. At the pilot position you will be able to push the knob the maximum amount toward the valve. According to anderson fireplace, gas pilot lights use about 1,000 btus per hour.