How To Use Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets On Mugs. Save the weeded “negative space” design, and set it off to the side for now. You can either design and cut with plain white copy paper or cut your design uses one.

How To Use The Cricut Mug Press With Infusible Ink from

Wait for your cricut mug press button to turn green before placing your mug into the press. Load the infusible ink transfer sheet, paper side up, onto a standard grip mat and load it into your cricut machine. Supplies needed for infusible ink tumblers.

In This Video, We Will Show You How To Apply Your Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet To Your Mug For Best Results.

There’s the transfer sheets, which i used to make cute dishwasher and microwave safe mugs like my fancy edge mugs, my cute coffee sayings, and my layered infusible ink animal mugs, and then there’s pens and markers. Place apparel blank on top of cricut easypress mat. Select “infusible ink transfer sheet” as your materials setting, and click the flashing button to start your machine.

Carefully Weed The Infusible Ink Sheet Using Your Hands Or Tweezers.

Just be careful not to get hotter than 400 so you don’t transfer the lines of the transfer sheets. Save the weeded “negative space” design, and set it off to the side for now. These mugs have been coated with a special coating.

Push Down The Lever On The Mug Press With One Hand While Holding Your Mug With The Other Hand.

Press the handle of the cricut mug press down to begin the heating process. Push down the lever on the mug press with one hand while holding your mug with the other hand. Today i’m going to show you how to get your cricut.

I Use The Cricut Paper Trimmer To Cut My Sheets Down To Size.

Using the compatible cricut infusible ink transfer sheet or plain white copy paper with your cricut machine you can create your design with infusible ink pens and markers. Using multiple colors of transfer sheets on your mugs! We'll demonstrate best practices of how to prep.

Use Your Cricut Machine To Cut Your Design From A Sheet Of Infusible Ink.

Remove the transfer sheet from your mat and weed it. Then you’ll want to tape them on to the mug on top of your design. Holding the mug handle, lower your mug into the cricut mug press.